Terms & Condation

Terms and Conditions

Hello everyone, welcoming you all to Smmstor!

These terms and conditions, rules, and regulations are only for using Smmstor’s Website: https://www.Smmstor.com/.

Now I’m strictly describing terms and conditions or terminology that you need to follow; otherwise, smmstor.com will definitely own the right to take legal steps against you.

The terms and conditions are:


As a human being, you are well known that man is mortal, and at the same time, a human being is the best creation of God. So the best creation is not surviving forever; how can we make a 100% guarantee of our service. But we can give assurance to you that our service is the best in the market and we will do our best to provide you with the best service. You also need to take on some responsibilities when you take service from us. We need to cooperate from both sides to build a great business environment. Though you will get 24 hours customer service. Please don’t be so rude when you face any problem. If you do that, smmstor.com will take legal action against you. In the end, I just tell you to use smmstor.com at your own risk.

Refund policy:

smmstor offers non-tangible sealed merchandise so that we don’t issue refunds after making an order completed. If you have any doubts, you need to discuss them before completing the order. we will do a refund only when we will face these problems that are described below

Delay of delivery time:

In some cases, we also face some problems due to software updates or issues. If we fail to deliver your service on time, our team members will contact you and refund your money within 72 hours. Don’t be rude or tense because we are here to do business, not theft your cash.

Product not as described:

If you prove that the delivered product is not the same as we explained before placing the order, then our team will also contact you and ask about the problem you face with the product, and then they will refund your money after examing your complaint. If you claim wrong or try to dispute our goodwill, you will also be punished according to the law of the USA.

Replacement Policy:

Actually, we follow the rules of the replacement policy. If you face any problem with our service, we will replace your product within 24 hours. But you have no right to claim a replacement after 72 hours of delivery time.

You will not get any replacement or any type of refund. be careful

Your duty when you take service from smmstor:

Please check them all when you take your service from smmstor. Just remember the time of 72 hours. After 72 hours, we will not listen to any type of complaint from you. So take your time and be happy with us to take the best service for you.


What information we will collect from you:

We will collect some information from you for the future financial inspection of our company. The information that we will collect from you is given below:

  1. Name
  2. Business organization
  3. Email


Security of our customers:

Smmstor really respects and is aware of the privacy of their customers. The information that they collect from their customers will be used for our internal calculation, and the most important thing is this information will be end to end encrypted and protected by a unique and reliable security technology named SSL. So don’t be tense. We will protect your data carefully.



smmstor owns the right to make any change on their terms and conditions. No one can make any complaints about that. Only smmstor will reserve the power to change the terms and conditions.